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The feeling of just cleaned windows is one of the most satisfying things in life, and we love to deliver that to our clients. We use traditional cleaning techniques as well as the latest in purified water technology to clean your glass and get them sparkling. Let in that Colorado sun and those beautiful mountain views. We take the time to bring your windows back to life. We also offer screen deep cleaning and hard water removal along with our professional window cleaning services.

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Did you know natural sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin that can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and focused? You deserve not to have bug guts, dog nose or baby handprints, haze, or other gross things obstructing your views or blocking your sunshine.

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be on our window cleaning website if you had the time, and we can help. We do this pretty much all day, every day, and we’re pretty darn good at it.

Little known fact; the longer you wait to get your windows cleaned, the more susceptible they are to etching and pitting. Dirt and grime, plus the elements, can be hard on your windows, potentially creating defects and damage to your glass. Routine cleaning can help prevent damage due to build-up and neglect.

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We pride ourselves as a top-tier window cleaning company. With a 7-day rain guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee, and tons of 5-star reviews, you can rest assured we are out to take care of you. All our employees are background checked monthly and have gone through extensive training on how to clean the glass properly. Our people are also trained in customer service to be respectful and attentive to your needs, as well as putting any furniture or items back that have been moved. From Evergreen to Boulder, Castle Pines to Aurora, we have you covered in any size house, large or small. When you get a window cleaning estimate, we send you 3 options depending on the level of cleanliness you are looking for. Our Full-Service Package includes cleaning windows inside and out, along with deep cleaning all your screens through our water fed screen cleaning machine. Our Interior and Exterior Package covers both the inside and outside cleaning of your windows. The Exterior Only Package is great for getting the dirt off the outside of your windows. We can customize your package for whatever needs you have. We do offer window track deep cleaning for an additional charge, but usually, we can get away with a simple brush of the tracks, which is included in both Full Service and Interior and Exterior window cleaning packages. If you have windows near sprinklers, we can get the stains out with our hardwater equipment that removes calcium deposits. Finally, we can repair most screens that are damaged onsite.

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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

We use a mix of old-school traditional methods and new technology, such as de-ionized water purification. Traditional window cleaning means using a mop and a squeegee, the mop to wipe the soap around the window, and a squeegee to cut the water off the glass. We use a solution of Dawn soap, an environmentally friendly soap concentrate, and a conditioner to let the squeegee rubber slide. Our water purification system uses a 3-stage system; carbon filter, di-ionizing resin, and reverse osmosis. Think of the final rinse stage of the carwash and how the water dries spot free, we use the same principle. Water goes through the system to become pure of all particulates and passes through a small hose to a brush on a pole where the water passes through. We scrub and brush the windows clean, disturbing all the dirt, then lift the brush away, letting the purified water rinse off any remaining dirt or particles on the window. We typically clean all windows on the first visit by hand traditionally.

We recommend 1-2 times a year, with at least 1 Full Service Clean and 1 Exterior Clean. We have some clients that we visit quarterly and some that get their windows cleaned monthly. The more you keep up with it, the better your windows are going to look and the longer they will last. If you choose to do several services a year, you can be sure your windows will get cleaner each visit.

That’s ok, we love a good challenge, plus the satisfaction factor is off the charts! We can handle years and years of buildup and can get your windows sparkling clean within a good time frame. Sometimes we may need to use chemicals to help remove the buildup of film, but we always carry that with us, and we’re ready for however dirty your windows are.

We do use razors when the need arises, and no, we will not scratch your windows. We do a lot of construction cleanups where we need to razor every window to get the stickers and have not run into any issues. The most common way of scratching a window is by using a razor on a dry piece of glass and using excessive force to remove whatever is stuck on there, and having debris under the razor. We train our crews to properly know how to effectively clean a window with a razor. Most of the time, we don’t use razors and have scrubbers that get the job done.

The blurry lines and fogginess are due to broken or damaged seals and the gas escaping from between the panes of glass and having moisture creep in. We have referrals for 5-star rated glazing companies that can repair your glass, as well as companies that can replace the whole window. We always point out any imperfections we find while cleaning your windows.

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